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We try our level best to make strong and fair relationship with persons (who visit the website). The following document is presented in order to clear such relationship. This document applies to every person or client, who deals with FolksOpinion website in any way. The purpose of interaction may be information gathering or having some kind of other service. Kindly read the following document to have clear understanding about the terms of existing or future relationships.

Disclaimer of Liability

FolksOpinion website shall not be liable for any incorrect or improper use of the information or service obtained from the internet. Folksopinion’s website and social media sites accept no such responsibility on the behalf of any person by using information or any kind of service on internet. The FolksOpinion website shall not be liable for indirect or direct damage that is created by the usage of information of online service. This limit of liability includes, but not limited to substitute of service or good: profits, loss of data or business interruption. Beside this, there is no legal liability of accuracy of information that you receive through using this website. This disclaimer applies on any kind of injury or damage that may cause by third party through FolksOpinion directly or indirectly. The readers act upon any information on solely their own risk.

Website Content Disclaimer

The information you may gain through website is for the educating and promotional purpose only. Content that may include articles, property details or opinions are not independently verified and there is no any guarantee on this part. Although the effort is made to keep all the information accurate and correct, but all such information should be checked and verified independently. The website will not be responsible of any loss arising out of omissions or errors in this website. The owner of the website holds or reserves the full rights regarding the addition, updating, amendment, removal or changes any part of the content in this site. It includes and not limited to navigation and at any point of time without any former notice. The owner will not be liable for any distortion of data that may be caused by technical errors or interruptions, viruses or third parties interruptions.

The content may not be up to date, accurate or unhampered and is not to be relied upon. This content must not be interpreted as a recommendation for any specific service, product or the course of the action. User should not rely or act upon any of the content without seeking expert or qualified advice

FolksOpinion assumes no any obligation to update the material on site. The content or given information may be changed even giving you without any notice. FolksOpinion take no responsibility for any information that you may perceive objectionable or undesirable.


You agree to protect or defend the online content of FolksOpinion, its agencies, contributors, and employees, officials from all the expenses and claims that arise from the use of online service or information provided by FolksOpinion or by its use through your own internet connection.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

The FolksOpinion website is a provider of content material and sometime it is done or information is supplied by third parties and other users. Any advice, opinion, information, service or offer expressed or provided by third party, other users or others are not those of FolksOpinion, but all that information is of those respective distributor(s) or author(s). The content you see on the website does not necessarily show the policies, views or practices of FolksOpinion, its officials, agencies or employees.

The references made on FolksOpinion website or its social media site about any specific commercial product, service or process by trade name, manufacturer, trademark, or otherwise is not any recommendation or endorsement. Any reference made on FolksOpinion website shall not be a product endorsement or advertising.

Disclaimer of Hypertext Links

The FolksOpinion website is not responsible for any content, material or information that is provided by off-site pages linked to FolksOpinion website or its social media. You acknowledge and agree that FolksOpinion and its contributors do not assume any offensive or illegal conduct of other users, third parties, links and risks in this respects will be entirely with you (user of the website).

Disclaimer of Duty to continue Providing Data

As the trend of internet market is changing very rapidly, many online resources providing information or data that are free of any cost and are available publically may require fee or there may have restricted user access in the next. Added to this, service, the location of information or web pages may change as the location, menus, files or pages of restaurants are reorganized and updated. You expressly agree and admit that use of the FolksOpinion website is at your sole risk. The FolksOpinion website, its content providers, officials, agencies do not employees give guarantee that the service or information provided on this website will be error-free or uninterrupted.


All the content includes on FolksOpinion such as graphics, text, button icons, logo, digital downloads, auto clips, software or data compilation are the licensed or property of the owner of FolksOpinion. The information you may use from FolksOpinion website is protected by copyright laws and is registered under the domain of www.folksopinion.com. The copyrights laws strictly prohibit any redistribution, copying, transmitting of copyright-protected content. However, the references of this website may be used for commercial purpose, only after seeking the prior approval from the owner of the FolksOpinion website. All the brands and trademarks mentioned in website page are the property of the FolksOpinion owner.

Void where Prohibited

Although the information provided by FolksOpinion is accessible worldwide, but not all the services or products in this websites are available to all the geographical location or all the persons. The advertisements and the companies reserve the rights to limit the provision of their services or products of any geographical area or any person. This may be done in order to limit the quantities of any product or service that they provide. Any offer service or offer for the product made on this website is void, where it is prohibited.