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Privacy Policy

Folks opinion is the online service that aims to provide information and suggestion about specific restaurants of the different countries and states. It is a complete guide about the address, special cuisine, achievements and awards won by the restaurants. The website attracts and deliver the value to students, visitors and businessman, who are on official trip to any country.

We understand it completely that information that is provided online is a kind of trust on your part. We you care a lot of  your trust and ensure the quality of information that we provide to you, when you use our website. Please read this article carefully to get acquainted and learning about privacy practices adopted by FolksOpinion website. By visiting the website you www.folksopinion.com, you are accepting the practices stated below.

The information we collect

General Information

We receive and store some of your information when you visit to our site. This is done in order to identify the user and improve their experience on our website. This type of information includes first name, last name, postal and email address and billing information like credit card number and card expiry date etc. Further request for information can made that include meal requests, seat selection, reservation requests. The information is also required to receive the benefits that FolksOpinion may offer in the future or the benefits of being its registered member. For example the people who are registered are able to post reviews of the restaurants and comment about their experience.

Information about others

You may provide the information of third party on our website. This information may be provided when you make reservation through our website on another person’s behalf. You must obtain the prior approval or permission from the person whose data is being disclosed. However, the change of information or any other content is made through your account only.

Information from other sources

We may obtain the facts about the visiting person from the affiliated entities, independent third parties and other business partners. The information is related to personal contacts and demographic areas. This information may be added to other obtained information about the guests. This information is used in improving and personalizes your use of our website.


The information is collected automatically from your device or computer from where you are visiting our site. For example, sessional data are collected through IP addresses, referring website and browser software. The information is collected through activity you do online. That activity may include content viewed, searches, pages visited and reservation made.  One of the goals in collecting such information is to understand the preferences and interests of the users or visitors of the website. By evaluating interests, experience is made customized.

Payment Information

By using the website the FolksOpinion.com, if you make any reservation to the any restaurant, the payment is charged by that restaurant and FolksOpinion does not charge any money in this respect unless and until specified. You agree to be bound by the restaurant’s policies and procedures regarding payments.  The purpose of website is to provide only information and no costs are charged for this.

Cookies and other web technologies

Cookies are small data files that are fixed in your computer’s hard drive, only if your browser give permission to do so. The FolksOpinion and other affiliated websites use such cookies for the following purposes

Ø  The cookies are used to recognize the person, who visited the website and to remember the preferences that are set when your browser visit to our website. The example may include registration, when you get yourself registered on FolksOpinion, the cookies are used by the website to remember your registration information. That result is not getting login to the website again and again when you visit the website. The passwords and IDs are encrypted in cookies for security reasons.

Ø  The cookies are also used to make the content, advertisements and experience customized. The example is when you visit the page, the cookies are automatically set by us and our website will recognize your browser as guest navigates on the internet and present his or her interests.

Ø  The other usage is to measure the effectiveness of features, advertisements and other offerings by watching and observing which emails you open and on which information you react.

Your rights

You can make settings in your browser in order to not to accept cookies issued by FolksOpinion. For this purpose, there is setting in the flash player. In doing so, some parts of the websites may become inaccessible. You can also tell about your preferences to the owner of FolksOpinion by sending an email.

Data Security

FolksOpinion has taken all the important measure to secure guests personal information from any other or unauthorized use. However, you also reserve the rights of protecting your own information in many ways like not placing your personal information on public places of the website. Any transmission of private or personal information is entirely at your own risk. FolksOpinion take no responsibility of security setting on visitor’s behalf.

How you can access your information

Sound and reasonable steps are taken to ensure relevancy, accuracy and completeness of information. The information is updated on a daily basis. However, the information provided may change or vary and subject to change, in particular situations in different countries. When you visit the website, some information may be retained in our archives for the analytical purpose as well as for the recordkeeping integrity.

Other Sites

This privacy policy applies on FolksOpinion solely. Make it sure that FolksOpinion has no responsibility about the privacy policy of other sites. The other website’s’ privacy policy has no link and is not owned and regulate by FolksOpinion.

Change to the privacy policy

The website reserves the rights to change privacy policy at any point of time. Any change made in this regard will be posted on this page or website. You are requested to visit this page frequently to be informed about the change.


For any query or request about the policy statements, you are invited to contact at [email protected]