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10 ) Big Fish Restaurant & Bar

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : bigfishrestaurantbar.com

Best thing about Big Fish Restaurant & Bar is its 7 days a week service. You can have best dinning over here. Main specialties are seafood and a splendid bar. Perfect cuisine in relaxed environment gives you standard dining experience. Seafood and steaks not only gives perfect taste but also reflect history and culture. You will definitely enjoy the meal and have memorable experience. Big Fish Restaurant & Bar provide 6 outstanding menus. The menus are Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Kid’s Menu, Sushi Menu, Drinks menu and Wine menu.

9 ) Odette

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : thejealouscrumpet.com

Odette is not only place to eat but also provide the opportunity to have shopping. Main menus include Tuesday dinner pick up, lunch, dinner, dessert, brunch, kids and snack.  Main focus is on seasonal dishes that come up with delicious and fresh taste.  Odette has contract with many local farms like blue-water creek farm, jack to lantern farm, belle chevre, rivertown coffee and many others. As far as drinking menus are concerned they are four in number named happy hour, cocktails, wine , beer and whiskey. Odette gives option of shopping from retailers that have handmade goods from artists.

8 ) Chuck Wagon BBQ

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : bbqinbama.blogspot.com

Chuck wagon opened in 2008 in Madison, Alabama. In short period it gained popularity because of its excellent service and taste. Main specialty is BBQ which is offered in every kind. Offerings of Chuck Wagon BBQ are Beef basket, sausages (which may be mild or spicy both, depending on your requirement), pulled pork, pork ribs, and chicken prepared in low smoked. Special seasonal ingredients make food delicious and give fresh taste. Chuck Wagon BBQ daily menu includes different kinds of plates, sandwiches and pounds of brisket, pork or sausage.

7 ) The hound restaurant

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

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The hound restaurant offers diners and lunch in outstanding historical environment. The best part is its unique environment that gives touch of old ages. Atmosphere is warm and things are decorated with antiques that give touch of hunting days. Hound is best restaurant for families, where family member can discuss history, old days or memories.  Hound also offers Italian food and fulfills the need of Italian restaurants. You can make online or telephonic reservation for lunch or dinners. Totally seating capacity in the hound restaurant is able to facilitate up to 8 parties.

6 ) La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : laparrilla.com

With 18 locations in different cities, La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant provides delicious and outstanding taste with best waters service. Different taste of different menus in amazing ways always fascinates guests at La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant. Main specialty is Mexican food with appealing taste. Mexican specialties include juicy fajitas, burritos and quesadillas which are offered in exact sunny environment like in Mexican. So, you can have Mexican touch in 18 different places while saying away from Mexico. You will be amazed by charismatic fantastic catering service. La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant offers to serve in festival style on special occasion to spice up the event.

5 ) Dreamland BBQ

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : tripadviser.com

Dreamland BBQ is place to have delicious BBQ of all kinds. Whether you are pork or chicken, Dream BBQ just fulfills your dream of best taste in required meat. Ribs, pork, baked beans, hickory smoked sausage, salad with potato and other different kinds of sausages are specialty of Dream BBQ that has seasonal taste and ingredients. Outstanding service in outstanding atmosphere is available in there. Other gifts cards are also offered on special oceans. You can ask Dream BBQ to ship your required food directly to your home by prior booking.

4 ) Central restaurant

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : worldoffinewine.com

Central restaurant has specialty in both local and seasonal foods. The selection of ingredient is just outstanding. The main offerings are gulf seafood, green meat, and local meat. Central restaurant offers lunch from Monday to Friday, but dinner is provided on Saturdays too. Four kinds of menus are offered in central restaurant, which names are lunch menu, dinner menu, dessert menu and wine and beer menu. In central restaurant, there are three private rooms, which accommodate from 10 people to 300 people. So, it is best local restaurant in Alabama to have dinner or lunch with family in comfort sitting. Central restaurant also offers prior reservation through phone.

3 ) Connors Steak & Seafood

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : connorsrestaurant.com

It’s a kind of sea food restaurant because of specialty in fresh seafood. Other specialties are premium aged steaks, salads and pastas. Beside lunch and dinner menus, it has dessert menu in which special dishes like chocolate Mousse Cake, Cheesecake, German Chocolate Upside-down Cake and many others are served. Beside dessert menu, it has two additional menus, which are kid’s menu and Gluten free menu. In these menus special consideration are given to requirement of kids and other persons who are diet concise or have any dietary restriction.

2 ) Kitchen on George

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

image source : kitchenongeorge.com

The menus of kitchen on George are also changed on seasonally. This change is due to have focus on best and fresh quality locally ingredients. Kitchen on George also fulfills the requirement of seafood restaurant by providing high quality sea food. In dinner and lunch there are soups, salads, small plates and large plates.  As far as location is concerned it has perfect places in surroundings like in neighbor, there is Oakleigh Garden that is historical District. Beside this, it has close proximity to business places and downtown hotels area which provide facility to have instant lunch or dinner within time.

1 ) Highlands bar & grill

top 10 best restaurants in alabama

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Among the local restaurants of Alabama, Highlands bar & grill is famous for its taste, quality and friendly staff. This restaurant serves food and drinks of various types. Beside this, world’s best wines and outstanding bar is also the specialty of Highlands bar and grill. Although a menu is changed on daily basis by its special cooking experts, but main focus is on French cuisine. Every new dish is made through French technique. You can have best supper or lunch in best atmosphere of dining room or in the area of bar. From 2009 to 2015 highlands bar & grill has been finalist in the award of outstanding restaurant.