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10 ) Savion’s Place

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : savionsplace.com

Savion’s Place has location at Dakin Avenue, Kissimmee, Florida, United States. It speciality is its American dishes with touch of International dishes. Seasonal and local ingredients are used to make food full of taste and joy. the menu of Savion’s Place include Lunch Menu, Dinner menu, Grab and go and tasty desserts. Reservation for table are made through telephone. You will be contacted within 48 hours. Taste is the recognition of Savion’s Place. From appetizers to salads and food customers never disappoint from its service. Savion’s Place also arranges different events to make you memories. For this you have to rake appointment in advance.

9 ) Kool Beanz Café

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : tallahassee.com

Kool Beanz Café having location at Tallahassee, Florida, United States is having specialities for its American menu in its colorful sitting arrangement.  The best Dishes offered by Kool Beanz Café are Tasso ham, Cuban spiced pork chops, tuscan style lumps and roasted garlic cream sauce. There is long list of amazing and interesting starters and mouth watering dessert. Kool Beanz Café has very friendly staff. Its tag line “eat drink and loud. You are among friends” clearly demonstrate it.

8 ) Cibo

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : curtainlesswindows.wordpress.com

Cibo is located at Bridge Plaza, McGregor, Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida, United States. It offers food and wines in different variety. The main focus is on seasonal fresh dishes prepared with fresh things. There are different variety of appetizers, salads and dinner entrees for every kind of person. Whether you are having special diet or having some restrictions of specific food. You can tell and have crafted food of your choice,. Beside of dinner menu, there is seasonal specials having variety of dishes available according to season. There are different timings for every day of week. You must check before having lunch or dinner at Cibo.

7 ) Mediterrano

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : yelp.com

Mediterrano is located at 13th Avenue, Naples, Florida, United States. It is kind of seas food restaurant. You can have amazing seafood restaurant from various coasts. Different coasts include Spain, Italy and Greece. You can have experience of fresh food prepared with fresh ingredients. This restaurant remains closed on only Tuesdays. You can have taste in 6 days a week. It has dinner menu with vast variety. Dinner is served from 5pm to 9pm. For reservation of table, you have to apply online on its website.

6 ) Antoine’s Restaurant

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : antoines.com

Antoine’s Restaurant has location on Tuttle Avenue, Sarasota, Florida,  United States. It is seafood restaurant among local restaurant in Florida. Pei Mussels is seafood dish, which is offered in 7 different way by Antoine’s Restaurant. This dish is served with delicious Sarasota Fries. You can have wide variety of bread, desserts, pasta etc. there is long list of different kind of beers and wines for you. You can enjoy not only any of it but also mixture of others too. in its menus, there are three kinds of menu include Dinner Menus, Dessert Menu, Drinks Menu. You can have special arrangements of your special event in traditional ways. Antoine’s Restaurant has positive restaurants reviews because of its friendly and cooperative staff.

5 ) Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : miamiriches.com

Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza is located at Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, United States. Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza is good restaurant with positive reviews among the fast food restaurant in California. It is famous for its cozy pizzas with delicious taste. In the menu of Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza, here are different kinds of traditional pizzas, special pizzas of 13 inches, extra ordinary pizza with unique taste and small pizzas of 8 inches. There is also antipasti and Mozzarella Bar. You can have option to make your own salad by missing different available things. This opportunity helps you to craft things according to your own need and desires.

4 ) Restaurant Orsay

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : facebook.com

Restaurant Orsay is located at Park St, Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Speciality include seasonal French food with unique and creative Cocktails. The menus of Restaurant Orsay include Brunch, Raw Bar, Dinner, Dessert, Wine, Cocktails, Gluten Free and Vegan Free menu. There is complete list of choices available that you can choose in order to meet your dietary requirement. There is room for private dining with seating capacity of 32 persons. You can have business meetings because of fully available projector, audio and video equipment. There is separate Private dining menu too.  For making reservation, e-mail is are available on its website.

3 ) La Terrazza Restaurant

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : eventsage.com

La Terrazza Restaurant is located at Tampa, Florida, United States. If you are looking to have Italian cuisine in delicious taste, restaurant guide will show you the name La Terrazza Restaurant. It is famous for Italian food among local restaurants in Florida. You can have visit to La Terrazza Restaurant from Monday to saturday. Sunday is normally off. The menus of La Terrazza Restaurant include Lunch, Dinner, Wines and champagnes. With gathering of your friends and family, you must go for Party Menu, which facilitates with not only its surroundings, but also with great food in economical rates.

2 ) Victoria and Albert’s

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : passporteater.wordpress.com

Having location at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is finest restaurant among the local restaurants in Florida. It is famous for New American Cuisine that are presented in Victorian style. The unique thing is its interior. You can have amazing dining experience in Timeless elegance of dining room. There is special Queen Victoria room, which is place to have private dining in stunning environment. There is no limit of specified cuisine. You can have taste of cuisines from all over the world.

1 ) Upper Crust Pizza

top 10 best restaurants in florida , united states

image source : uppercrustpizza.blogspot.com

Upper Crust Pizza and pasta has location at Market Street, Florida, United States. You can not only have lunch or dinner at restaurant, but also order for delivery seven days a week. Upper Crust Pizza is known for fabulous Pizza and pasta. The menus of Upper Crust Pizza include Appetizer, Salads and hot soups. There is special menu for every day in week. The special and different deal is available on every day. Happy hour is available from Monday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm. However, happy hour is available on Westside locations only.