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Kansas is located in the Midwestern area of the USA. The area has great plains setting of rolling wheat fields. This state is often called as cattle country. Due to this, there is plenty of Kansas grilling pork, hot dogs and chicken. Beside this, due to availability of mount wheat, there are many breakfast restaurant, which focus on the traditional breakfast bacon and fresh breads. For dinner, people in Kansas like fried chicken, meatloaf, hickory smoked ribs, catfish and chili. Some of the best places to eat in Kansas are mentioned below.

10 ) Five Guys

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Five Guys is located at Kansas on many places. Then Menu of Five Guys offers many types of Burger like Hamburger, cheeseburger, Bacon Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Little Hamburger, Little Cheese Burger, Little Cheeseburger, Little Bacon Burger, Little Bacon Cheeseburger. The offerings are Dogs, Sandwiches and fries. The fries are of two kinds. First is five guys’ style and second Cajun style. Over all it is kind of fast-food restaurants. Five Guys has positive restaurants reviews because of excellent and quick service. The staff is quite friendly and is trained to provide best services. There is also an option to place an order online by its website.

9 ) Rosedale Barbecue

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Rosedale Barbecue is located at Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, Kansas, United States. Rosedale Barbecue comes up with fine taste among local restaurants of Kansas. The Menus of Rosedale Barbecue are Basket Menu, Dinner Menu, Ribs Menu, Sandwich Menu, Side Orders Menu, Sauce Menu, Drinks Menu and Miscellaneous Menu. Dinner items are served with fries, slaw and beans. Miscellaneous include the items of chili, chicken, sandwich beef by the pound, chili cheese fries, jalapeno, Kaiser Buns, Deluxe Buns and Combo. Rosedale Barbecue also provides catering services. The menu in catering service is designed according to customer need.

8 ) LongHorn Steakhouse

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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LongHorn Steakhouse is located at nine different places in Kansas. First is located at Legends Outlets Kansas, Second is at Olathe, third is at Leawood, forth is at Wichita, fifth is at Manhattan, sixth is at Maize Road Wichita, seventh is at Salina, eight is at Topeka and last one is at Lawrence. The Menus offered in Kansas include Bold Bites, Shareable starters, Crave the comb, Steakhouse salad and soup, Steakhouse Sandwiches, Half pound steak Burgers and legendary steaks. You can also have variety of desserts and beverages.

7 ) Taco Republic

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Taco Republic has location at Country Line Road Kansas City Kansas, United States. The specialty of Taco Republic is its Mexican taste. All the flavors and spices are gathered from streets of Mexico. So in Kansas, if a person is missing Mexican taste, it is just right place to have flavor of your desire. The menus of Taco Republic are Beverages Menu, Kids Menu, Happy hour and large order take out menu. The special dishes offered by Taco Republic are Grilled Corn, Shredded Chicken, Cheddar and jack cheese, beef brisket, fried shrimp and pickled red onions.

6 )Granite City Food & Brewery

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Granite City Food & Brewery has five different locations at Kansas. First is at Village W Pkwy, second is at Olathe, third is at New Market Square and forth is at Webb Wichita. The specialty of Granite City Food & Brewery is its fresh items, which are prepared from scratch. Fresh quality ingredients are used on daily basis. Different menus are offered in different locations, keeping in view the taste and demands of that region’s people. Main menus are Dinner Menu, Lunch Menu, Gluten Free Menu, Desserts menu, Brunch menu and Happy Hour menu. Further categories of foods and drinks vary from one location to other.

5 ) Woodyard Bar-B-Que

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Woodyard Bar-B-Que is located at Merriam Ln, Kansas City, United States. You can have fine dining experience in its outdoor seating in relaxed environment. The specialty of Woodyard Bar-B-Que is shown by its name, which is BBQ. The Menus of Woodyard Bar-B-Que includes different sandwiches, Ribs, Hot wings, Plates, Sides, Burnt End Chili and Meat by the pound. There are two special dishes which are most liked and ordered by customers. First is Burnt End Chili which is being categorized under “500 things to eat before it is Too late” in the book. Second is Pecan Smoked Salmon which is offered in $18.95 per pound.

4 ) Famous Dave’s

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Famous Dave’s is located at Village W Pkwy, Kansas City, United States. Famous Dave’s Bar B- Que has many positive restaurant reviews because of BBQ specialty with utmost perfection. All kind of BBQ is served with passion. All the meats are rubbed with hands with custom spices and are cooked for long hours to excerpt natural flavors. Before serving meat, grilled sweetness is created in meat by toasting on grill. The sauces along with BBQ are award winning that depicts the perfection and uniqueness.

3 ) Yard House

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Yard House has location at Legends Outlets Kansas City, Village W Pkwy, Kansas, United States.  Yard House is one of fine local restaurants of Kansas. Yard House is known for its innovative foods. All the dishes are made from scratch. Yard House has honor to have globally inspired Classic dishes of America. You can have snacks, appetizers, starter soups, salad, House Favorites, pizza and sandwiches etc. Yard House is also kind of seafood restaurants in Kansa by providing Seafood. In drink menu the offerings are Beer, Wines and Champagne. Drinks Offered are imported and are of fine quality.

2 ) SLAP’s BBQ

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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SLAP’s BBQ has location at Central Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas, United States.  It is another place to have BBQ in Kansas. It is one of the few restaurants in Kansas, which is participating actively on KCBS contest on every session. SLAP’s BBQ offers three kinds of menu named as daily, catering and order menu. In its daily menu, you can have different varieties of sandwiches, Bones, plates, Sides and poundage. There is also a facility in restaurant of pre-ordering, where you can place an order even 24 hours in advance. The service in this category is provided on first come first serve basis.

1 ) Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

top 10 best restaurants in kansas , united states

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Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue is located at west Avenue, Kansas city, Kansas, United States.  If you are looking to have fine place to have BBQ with lot of other categories of food, restaurant guide will show you the place of Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue. The restaurant has specialty in BBQ which is served in different manners like you can have BBQ sandwich, BBQ dinner dishes and Smoked Chicken Gumbo. Other menu include  Side Dishes, Specialty sandwich, Chicken,  Rib Dinner, Just Ribs, meat by Pounds and salads. There is also special menu which has been designed for kids of under 12.